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Sentry = LifeAlert + FitBit + ADT!!!

Seniors want to live an independent life and feel secure living in their own homes. Sentry is the single personal assistant they can count on.

Sentry answers calls for help, and even detects falls automatically, to alert caregivers, family members and emergency responders. More importantly, Sentry wants you to avoid falls in the first place, by giving you daily activity summary, health assessment and fall risk. Lastly, Sentry alerts you to intruders, alarms and emergencies.

What does Sentry do?

Imagine living in your own home for decades, having a great quality of life, without worrying about safety or health. No need to move to a nursing home or assisted living, as you gain on years.

Hard to believe? Well, imagine no more; Sentry will make it real for you!

Sentry is world-class fall detection solution that automatically detects falls with a high degree of accuracy, and alerts your family members, neighbors and caregivers immediately.

There’s more! Sentry is also as an activity tracker. We believe prevention is better than cure and designed Sentry to provide regular health assessments to avoid falls in the first place. Daily, weekly and monthly walking summaries, and regular assessment of fall risk and other medical conditions will help you seek care before it is too late.

We are not done. Sentry is also a security solution that detects intruders, alarms and emergencies, and gives you peace of mind!

With Sentry, YOU are always in charge. Sentry helps when you are in need and melds into the background when you don’t. There is nothing that you need to wear. No need to charge the device every night. You can call for help or cancel an alarm very easily. You can look up the activity summary reports anytime on your phone, tablet or computer, and share them with your family members, caregivers and doctors securely.